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I suppose I should update this

After we moved, I sort of fell into bad habits and gained about 10 pounds.  At first I was eating pretty low GL/GI, but it was pretty easy to pop a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner.  I did stick to vegetarianism with a minor break at Christmas.

Now, I am back staying away from meat, but I am also trying to make most of my food as from scratch as possible.  This is not only for health reasons, but for money reasons.  We’re eating a lot more things like beans and homemade bread, and a lot less food like pizza and chips.  And I’ve cut down on my dairy (and especially cheese) consumption.  I’ve not cut it out, but I eat probably close to average or slightly less than average.  I am a total cheesoholic, but I am not quite ready to give it up.

So far I’ve lost about 3 pounds since the New Year.   Not bad, but it has to be sustainable for me to feel good about it.  What I have found is that I think that I can go relatively low in my sugar and get good results without totally cutting out all carbs.  It’s harder as I still think sugars and starches (including “good carbs”) are addictive for some people, including me.  But I also think that the more we prepare our own foods, aware of the ingredients, controlling the flavour, the easier losing weight becomes.  Of course, it’s not always easy to make your own food, and I got pretty fat on what my mother thought was “home cooked” foods (which included copious amounts of starches).

I will keep this a little better updated, but I am posting more in my main blog and my blog on reducing our home expenses.