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Idiot Proof Diet? Let’s hope it does what it says on the tin…

I’ve dabbled with this diet before.  It’s sort of low carb for the UK.  Pretty decadent, but I did lose weight on it.  I am not sure why I went off it.  I think it was because I was having problems eating meat.  I always have problems eating meat, but I think I was having an acute case of gross out when it came to meat.  I go through periods like that where I feel I cannot face another piece of meat, sometimes even feeling ill when I smell or taste it.  Even in the best of times, there’s few meat dishes I actually like and only one I miss when I am vegetarian (bacon).  It’s been like this all my life.  I remember being a little kid and being totally grossed out by meat dishes.  That didn’t keep me thin, because the idea that if you don’t eat animal fat, you don’t gain weight is pretty much the biggest lie PETA can tell you.  Well, at least in the top ten anyway.

I am a reluctant low carber.  I have tried everything, and the only thing that works is starving myself or low carb.  This isn’t because low carb is restrictive, because it’s not.  I could easily find a very varied menu on low carb that would add up to five digits in daily calories.  I could even find a lot of that vegetarian (although some of that would be soy which I avoid for the most part).   Low carbing kills my appetite with ketosis, removes something I am addicted to (starches and sugars), and prevents the huge rushes and crashes in my blood sugar.

If I know all this, why haven’t I stuck with low carb?  I am an addict.  I don’t care for meat.  I get bored.  I think I know better than whoever created whatever diet I am on at whatever time (excuse me–way of eating).  This time I am going to surrender control.

After today, I am giving up caffeine for at least two weeks.  I never seemed to have a problem with it, but the book says to give it up, so I will.  I am going to drink the litres of water recommended.  I always thought it was dumb, ineffective, and potentially dangerous to drink copious amounts of water on top of other fluid intake, but this time, by the book.  The book says I can eat butternut squash, but not yellow or red sweet peppers.  Sounds counter-intuitive, but I am not the one making the rules.  I am going to do everything the book says from giving up AS to following some of the truly fat laden recipes to doing the well being exercises they recommend to giving up weighing myself daily.

Again, I am giving up control, because it’s pretty obvious I don’t have real control over the things that matter, like how food figures in my life.