Shifting Stones

My skinny jeans await

Day 2. Or day 1. Maybe day 1.5?

Yesterday started out pretty strong, but we went to a friends house and I ate more than I should have, and I had caffeine.  I didn’t eat too many carbs and no “baddies” (even though I was awfully tempted by some pretty lush looking homemade biscuits).  It was a very excellent meal, and worth the overload on amounts.  I should have steered clear of the sodas, of course, and the after dinner coffee, but I didn’t.

So I did a restart this morning.  Well, sort of.  I don’t really think that I should totally discount yesterday because I was able to stay low carb, and IPD is meant to be flexible enough to take in things like parties, although probably being flexible on the first day isn’t what they had in mind.  But what is important is that this morning I didn’t hesitate to commit the day to sticking to the eating plan.  Maybe what’s even more important is that I didn’t take yesterday’s excesses as a licence to go even more overboard and maybe eat some sugar.

The thought of the day is something about obstacles not being there as long as you focus on the goal.  True, but I think you have to define a goal.  Is it a goal weight? A goal size?  Or is it the things that are motivating you to lose weight in the first place?  Saying something like, “I want to lose weight so I can be more active,” sounds a lot like what makes someone want to lose weight, but really, the goal is there.  When your activity level increases, you have met one goal of the huge complex goal of losing weight.  So we should also remember those goals as we reach them.

Moving away from the SoCal glurgey motivation-speak, I have to love a diet where I am learning to cook pork belly.  Cooking pork friggen belly.  That is so far down the list of things that I’d thought I’d be doing in my lifetime.

Menu posting later.  Maybe.  No promises.


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