Shifting Stones

My skinny jeans await

Always read the labels…

So, when I was doing low cal vegetarianism, I found this hot chocolate drink that tasted lovely, was low calorie (I think 30 calories a mug), was relatively low carb for an occasional treat (5 gm a mug), but was of course, a cocktail of chemicals and weird stuff.  I had (have) some left, so a few nights ago when I was really craving something sweet and chocolatey, I made myself a mug.  I downed about half of it, when I decided to double check the carbs in it.  When I glanced at the ingredients, glucose was relatively high on the list.  Glucose.

I still finished the mug of chocolate.
However, I know why on previous attempts at low carb this year, things sort of stayed steady.  I was drinking that stuff or adding a spoon to fresh whipped cream about every night.

I should bin it, but Mr Moggs likes it, so it’s still there.  This is the second thing I found this week that had sugar in it that I used regularly during low carb.  The first was a rice vinegar “dressing” which I just assumed was rice vinegar.  Because things here sometimes only list the macro-nutrients in 100 g, 100 ml, or whatever, I have to do maths in order to figure out the carbs.  If there’s one thing I am, it’s really lazy about maths.  It was still relatively low carb, but still.

I have an official weigh in tomorrow and I will update this then.


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