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Back in the low carb saddle

I’ve been back on track for about a week now after taking a few days “off” for my birthday and pretty much erasing everything I’ve lost from my re-commitment to weight loss until now.  Basically, I made a huge pig of myself, a huge lushy pig.

Now that I am back, I really, really want to stick with it this time, ignoring the times when I try to reason with myself to eat off plan.  Absolutely no cheating or planned cheats.  Nothing.  I want to stay with it until I can finally say that I am at least no longer obese.  Unrealistic expectations?  I wouldn’t be the first to pull it off.

That said, I could really go for one of those orange flavoured glazed donuts that I vaguely remember from my childhood.  I think Freifofer’s or maybe Entenmann’s made them.  They were all artificial and had orangey chunks in them, but I could really go for one now.  Good thing I am like 3000 miles from the nearest one.