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Back in the low carb saddle

I’ve been back on track for about a week now after taking a few days “off” for my birthday and pretty much erasing everything I’ve lost from my re-commitment to weight loss until now.  Basically, I made a huge pig of myself, a huge lushy pig.

Now that I am back, I really, really want to stick with it this time, ignoring the times when I try to reason with myself to eat off plan.  Absolutely no cheating or planned cheats.  Nothing.  I want to stay with it until I can finally say that I am at least no longer obese.  Unrealistic expectations?  I wouldn’t be the first to pull it off.

That said, I could really go for one of those orange flavoured glazed donuts that I vaguely remember from my childhood.  I think Freifofer’s or maybe Entenmann’s made them.  They were all artificial and had orangey chunks in them, but I could really go for one now.  Good thing I am like 3000 miles from the nearest one.



3 weeks in, and I’ve lost 11.5 pounds.  Again, none of that should be “water weight” as I was on low carb before switching to this plan.  If anything, I am losing weight faster in the past few weeks than I did my first week or so.  However, if anyone stumbles on this blog with 15 or 20 pounds to lose, a little caveat, I need to lose multiples of that, so don’t expect the same results.

I also made the decision to try to give up artificial sweeteners for a while to see how I do without them.  I want to taste the natural sweetness in vegetables (some of them are very sweet) and my herbal teas.  Plus, I am not sure why I’ve used that crutch for so long.  I can see a very occasional treat, but for now, nothing.  I’ve been a day without them, and it’s not too bad.

The biggest wow has been how much my body has changed.  I have been dieting for years, and most of that has been low carb or low GI/GL.  I know the advantages of having enough protein and fat over starving your body of its building blocks for the sake of cutting calories.  I’ve even been this weight before on low carb.  This time I look and feel thinnner.  Even my husband has noticed, and he can’t get over it.  I am starting the beginnings of an hourglass shape rather than an apple.  Well, I am sort of turning into an hourglass shape if you look at me from the front.  I don’t know if someone who has never had an arse qualifies as an hourglass, ever.  I feel a bit sexy, and it’s a new feeling.

I hope I can keep this up.

Always read the labels…

So, when I was doing low cal vegetarianism, I found this hot chocolate drink that tasted lovely, was low calorie (I think 30 calories a mug), was relatively low carb for an occasional treat (5 gm a mug), but was of course, a cocktail of chemicals and weird stuff.  I had (have) some left, so a few nights ago when I was really craving something sweet and chocolatey, I made myself a mug.  I downed about half of it, when I decided to double check the carbs in it.  When I glanced at the ingredients, glucose was relatively high on the list.  Glucose.

I still finished the mug of chocolate.
However, I know why on previous attempts at low carb this year, things sort of stayed steady.  I was drinking that stuff or adding a spoon to fresh whipped cream about every night.

I should bin it, but Mr Moggs likes it, so it’s still there.  This is the second thing I found this week that had sugar in it that I used regularly during low carb.  The first was a rice vinegar “dressing” which I just assumed was rice vinegar.  Because things here sometimes only list the macro-nutrients in 100 g, 100 ml, or whatever, I have to do maths in order to figure out the carbs.  If there’s one thing I am, it’s really lazy about maths.  It was still relatively low carb, but still.

I have an official weigh in tomorrow and I will update this then.

What I’ve eaten so far

Other than Monday (the sort of kind of IPD day), I have had the following:

Tues: B-Generous amount of duck and truffle pâté spread on a few celery sticks

L-Salami slices with mild cheddar (going to go for medium at least next time.  My tolerance of mild cheese has gone down)

D-Slow roasted pork belly, green beans w/butter

Snacks-A few cashews, a spoonful of peanutbutter

No caffeine, no Splenda.

Wed:  B-Peanut butter spread relatively thinly on celery sticks

L-Salami w/cheese


Snack- A couple spoonful of Crème fraiche (yeah weird, I know) and a spoonful of peanut butter

I managed to go without caffeine, but I had some Splenda.  I am going to aim for moderate amounts of Splenda.  I can’t really get into many hot decaf drinks without it.  I guess I could buy some decaf coffee, but I don’t really care for it.

I shouldn’t have weighed myself this morning, but I did.  I really want to do an official weight loss on Tuesday, so I will reveal if I lost any then.  Overall, I’ve felt okay, if a little sleepy without the caffeine.  I think I had the worst of the “ketosis flu” yesterday with headaches on and off (but mild ones, not migraine-like–don’t let anyone make you think the adjustment headaches are unbearable).  My skin feels incredibly soft.  Much softer even than when I do normal low carb.  I think it’s because of the amount of water you drink with this and the very high fat levels.

Regarding the Splenda, I don’t see that it’s really not by the book (caution, justification ahead) as they mention it as acceptable if you have to have a sweetener.  Then they go on about it being just modified sugar, and how that might affect blood sugar levels.  Well, from countless people on BS monitoring who have done low carb, I guess it doesn’t so if we eliminate that concern, there’s just the general concern about Splenda’s safety overall.   So, I shall have a bit of Splenda, and I am not cheating.  So there.

Day 2. Or day 1. Maybe day 1.5?

Yesterday started out pretty strong, but we went to a friends house and I ate more than I should have, and I had caffeine.  I didn’t eat too many carbs and no “baddies” (even though I was awfully tempted by some pretty lush looking homemade biscuits).  It was a very excellent meal, and worth the overload on amounts.  I should have steered clear of the sodas, of course, and the after dinner coffee, but I didn’t.

So I did a restart this morning.  Well, sort of.  I don’t really think that I should totally discount yesterday because I was able to stay low carb, and IPD is meant to be flexible enough to take in things like parties, although probably being flexible on the first day isn’t what they had in mind.  But what is important is that this morning I didn’t hesitate to commit the day to sticking to the eating plan.  Maybe what’s even more important is that I didn’t take yesterday’s excesses as a licence to go even more overboard and maybe eat some sugar.

The thought of the day is something about obstacles not being there as long as you focus on the goal.  True, but I think you have to define a goal.  Is it a goal weight? A goal size?  Or is it the things that are motivating you to lose weight in the first place?  Saying something like, “I want to lose weight so I can be more active,” sounds a lot like what makes someone want to lose weight, but really, the goal is there.  When your activity level increases, you have met one goal of the huge complex goal of losing weight.  So we should also remember those goals as we reach them.

Moving away from the SoCal glurgey motivation-speak, I have to love a diet where I am learning to cook pork belly.  Cooking pork friggen belly.  That is so far down the list of things that I’d thought I’d be doing in my lifetime.

Menu posting later.  Maybe.  No promises.

Idiot Proof Diet? Let’s hope it does what it says on the tin…

I’ve dabbled with this diet before.  It’s sort of low carb for the UK.  Pretty decadent, but I did lose weight on it.  I am not sure why I went off it.  I think it was because I was having problems eating meat.  I always have problems eating meat, but I think I was having an acute case of gross out when it came to meat.  I go through periods like that where I feel I cannot face another piece of meat, sometimes even feeling ill when I smell or taste it.  Even in the best of times, there’s few meat dishes I actually like and only one I miss when I am vegetarian (bacon).  It’s been like this all my life.  I remember being a little kid and being totally grossed out by meat dishes.  That didn’t keep me thin, because the idea that if you don’t eat animal fat, you don’t gain weight is pretty much the biggest lie PETA can tell you.  Well, at least in the top ten anyway.

I am a reluctant low carber.  I have tried everything, and the only thing that works is starving myself or low carb.  This isn’t because low carb is restrictive, because it’s not.  I could easily find a very varied menu on low carb that would add up to five digits in daily calories.  I could even find a lot of that vegetarian (although some of that would be soy which I avoid for the most part).   Low carbing kills my appetite with ketosis, removes something I am addicted to (starches and sugars), and prevents the huge rushes and crashes in my blood sugar.

If I know all this, why haven’t I stuck with low carb?  I am an addict.  I don’t care for meat.  I get bored.  I think I know better than whoever created whatever diet I am on at whatever time (excuse me–way of eating).  This time I am going to surrender control.

After today, I am giving up caffeine for at least two weeks.  I never seemed to have a problem with it, but the book says to give it up, so I will.  I am going to drink the litres of water recommended.  I always thought it was dumb, ineffective, and potentially dangerous to drink copious amounts of water on top of other fluid intake, but this time, by the book.  The book says I can eat butternut squash, but not yellow or red sweet peppers.  Sounds counter-intuitive, but I am not the one making the rules.  I am going to do everything the book says from giving up AS to following some of the truly fat laden recipes to doing the well being exercises they recommend to giving up weighing myself daily.

Again, I am giving up control, because it’s pretty obvious I don’t have real control over the things that matter, like how food figures in my life.

I suppose I should update this

After we moved, I sort of fell into bad habits and gained about 10 pounds.  At first I was eating pretty low GL/GI, but it was pretty easy to pop a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner.  I did stick to vegetarianism with a minor break at Christmas.

Now, I am back staying away from meat, but I am also trying to make most of my food as from scratch as possible.  This is not only for health reasons, but for money reasons.  We’re eating a lot more things like beans and homemade bread, and a lot less food like pizza and chips.  And I’ve cut down on my dairy (and especially cheese) consumption.  I’ve not cut it out, but I eat probably close to average or slightly less than average.  I am a total cheesoholic, but I am not quite ready to give it up.

So far I’ve lost about 3 pounds since the New Year.   Not bad, but it has to be sustainable for me to feel good about it.  What I have found is that I think that I can go relatively low in my sugar and get good results without totally cutting out all carbs.  It’s harder as I still think sugars and starches (including “good carbs”) are addictive for some people, including me.  But I also think that the more we prepare our own foods, aware of the ingredients, controlling the flavour, the easier losing weight becomes.  Of course, it’s not always easy to make your own food, and I got pretty fat on what my mother thought was “home cooked” foods (which included copious amounts of starches).

I will keep this a little better updated, but I am posting more in my main blog and my blog on reducing our home expenses.