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What I’ve eaten so far

Other than Monday (the sort of kind of IPD day), I have had the following:

Tues: B-Generous amount of duck and truffle pâté spread on a few celery sticks

L-Salami slices with mild cheddar (going to go for medium at least next time.  My tolerance of mild cheese has gone down)

D-Slow roasted pork belly, green beans w/butter

Snacks-A few cashews, a spoonful of peanutbutter

No caffeine, no Splenda.

Wed:  B-Peanut butter spread relatively thinly on celery sticks

L-Salami w/cheese


Snack- A couple spoonful of Crème fraiche (yeah weird, I know) and a spoonful of peanut butter

I managed to go without caffeine, but I had some Splenda.  I am going to aim for moderate amounts of Splenda.  I can’t really get into many hot decaf drinks without it.  I guess I could buy some decaf coffee, but I don’t really care for it.

I shouldn’t have weighed myself this morning, but I did.  I really want to do an official weight loss on Tuesday, so I will reveal if I lost any then.  Overall, I’ve felt okay, if a little sleepy without the caffeine.  I think I had the worst of the “ketosis flu” yesterday with headaches on and off (but mild ones, not migraine-like–don’t let anyone make you think the adjustment headaches are unbearable).  My skin feels incredibly soft.  Much softer even than when I do normal low carb.  I think it’s because of the amount of water you drink with this and the very high fat levels.

Regarding the Splenda, I don’t see that it’s really not by the book (caution, justification ahead) as they mention it as acceptable if you have to have a sweetener.  Then they go on about it being just modified sugar, and how that might affect blood sugar levels.  Well, from countless people on BS monitoring who have done low carb, I guess it doesn’t so if we eliminate that concern, there’s just the general concern about Splenda’s safety overall.   So, I shall have a bit of Splenda, and I am not cheating.  So there.