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3 weeks in, and I’ve lost 11.5 pounds.  Again, none of that should be “water weight” as I was on low carb before switching to this plan.  If anything, I am losing weight faster in the past few weeks than I did my first week or so.  However, if anyone stumbles on this blog with 15 or 20 pounds to lose, a little caveat, I need to lose multiples of that, so don’t expect the same results.

I also made the decision to try to give up artificial sweeteners for a while to see how I do without them.  I want to taste the natural sweetness in vegetables (some of them are very sweet) and my herbal teas.  Plus, I am not sure why I’ve used that crutch for so long.  I can see a very occasional treat, but for now, nothing.  I’ve been a day without them, and it’s not too bad.

The biggest wow has been how much my body has changed.  I have been dieting for years, and most of that has been low carb or low GI/GL.  I know the advantages of having enough protein and fat over starving your body of its building blocks for the sake of cutting calories.  I’ve even been this weight before on low carb.  This time I look and feel thinnner.  Even my husband has noticed, and he can’t get over it.  I am starting the beginnings of an hourglass shape rather than an apple.  Well, I am sort of turning into an hourglass shape if you look at me from the front.  I don’t know if someone who has never had an arse qualifies as an hourglass, ever.  I feel a bit sexy, and it’s a new feeling.

I hope I can keep this up.


A week in

So I am a week in, and I am down about 3.5 pounds.  Remember, I was already on low carb before I started this plan, and this is entirely real weight loss, and not water.

We’re going shopping later, so I am going to try to figure out a menu.  I don’t do menus really.  My normal thing is to go to the shop, look for what’s on sale, buy at least 7 dinners worth, and buy some stuff for lunches and snacks.

The pork belly turned out to be incredible.  I am making another today, so I might post photos and a how to guide.

What I’ve eaten so far

Other than Monday (the sort of kind of IPD day), I have had the following:

Tues: B-Generous amount of duck and truffle pâté spread on a few celery sticks

L-Salami slices with mild cheddar (going to go for medium at least next time.  My tolerance of mild cheese has gone down)

D-Slow roasted pork belly, green beans w/butter

Snacks-A few cashews, a spoonful of peanutbutter

No caffeine, no Splenda.

Wed:  B-Peanut butter spread relatively thinly on celery sticks

L-Salami w/cheese


Snack- A couple spoonful of Crème fraiche (yeah weird, I know) and a spoonful of peanut butter

I managed to go without caffeine, but I had some Splenda.  I am going to aim for moderate amounts of Splenda.  I can’t really get into many hot decaf drinks without it.  I guess I could buy some decaf coffee, but I don’t really care for it.

I shouldn’t have weighed myself this morning, but I did.  I really want to do an official weight loss on Tuesday, so I will reveal if I lost any then.  Overall, I’ve felt okay, if a little sleepy without the caffeine.  I think I had the worst of the “ketosis flu” yesterday with headaches on and off (but mild ones, not migraine-like–don’t let anyone make you think the adjustment headaches are unbearable).  My skin feels incredibly soft.  Much softer even than when I do normal low carb.  I think it’s because of the amount of water you drink with this and the very high fat levels.

Regarding the Splenda, I don’t see that it’s really not by the book (caution, justification ahead) as they mention it as acceptable if you have to have a sweetener.  Then they go on about it being just modified sugar, and how that might affect blood sugar levels.  Well, from countless people on BS monitoring who have done low carb, I guess it doesn’t so if we eliminate that concern, there’s just the general concern about Splenda’s safety overall.   So, I shall have a bit of Splenda, and I am not cheating.  So there.